Buffalo Mod (clone)



Buffalo Mod by Style of Mojo (clone)

The Chi You by style of Mojo was always going to be a tough act to follow, So let’s have a look at the Buffalo and see how they got on.

image003                               image005


Ok we can see all battery modes are catered for with a combination Of the three tubes and the threads are nice and smooth as they should be.

Here you can see the adjustable top pin to eliminate battery rattle and the vent hole In the bottom cap.

The Brass top cap has a stainless steel ring around it, this hide’s the clever  Way Style of Mojo have overcome the age old air flow to bottom fed atty

Problem, now your bottom fed atty’s will fit flush and still work fine, this Also helps with lining up your atty,s  with your mod (for the OCD amongst us)

Laser engraving on the bottom cap and tube with the extra “Buffalo” deeply Engraved on the tube.



It just oozes class, you will find yourself keep looking at it and the quality of this mode is just amazing form the magnetic fire button to the cleaver top cap

and the deep engraving and it even comes in a little velvet pouch with a spare O ring for the top cap and spare spring for the sprung 510 connector.

image009                                                      image012

Here in its box with a CAT Atomiser ……………… looking good!


Specifications of Buffalo Mod

304 stainless

Diameter 22mm


18350 – 62mm

18490 – 75mm

18650 – 91mm

Magnetic switch

Reverse Thread Locking Ring

Spare o ring for the top cap

Spare spring for the 510 connector

This was supplied by   http://www.angelfiremods.co.uk/ many thanks





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