Lbaloi Telescoping Hybrid Mechanical Mod


Lbaloi Telescoping Hybrid Mechanical Mod ( Clone)


Well the first thing to say about this is “It’s nuts”………….. No not “the nuts”……….. just “nuts”(although it is growing on me)
Its a strange looking hybrid dripper with 3 large posts and airflow control that works.





It has silver coated pins,locking ring (not reverse threaded) and a spring in the switch that works well.



To be honest this vapes very well and it will get all sorts of looks when you’re “out and about” with it.
It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like the look of it you will love the vape.


All in all if you like the way it looks then Get it, it works Well 

Where can you get it from $32.84 Lbaloi Style Telescoping Hybrid Mechanical Mod – 18500 / 18650 at FastTech – Worldwide Free Shipping


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