Stingray X by JD Tech (just a quickie)

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Stingray X by JD Tech from Stingray X by JD Tech – SHMOvapes

I remember taking delivery of my copper/black from JD Tech and the feeling that it was a
bit different from other mods that were available at the time and absolutely loved everything
about it.
well i didn’t feel the same about the stainless steel or the brass stingray just my opinion,
but when i first saw pictures on the net of the Stingray X it felt the same as when i first saw
the copper/black it was a no brainer for me i just had to have one.

so lets have a look as it turned up and i am so pleased with it!





to say they have improved on the copper/black i think is fair, they have redesigned the firing button and the top cap and those two things make it feel
much better overall, better feel to the action on firing and shorter in height (4mm)



  • Copper Body wrapped with polished 304 steel (18350/18490/18650)
  • Copper Top Cap wrapped with 304 stainless steel with floating pin and vent holes
  • Locking Ring polished 304 stainless steel – 3 entry threading for one locking motion
  • Adjustable Battery Contact – copper and silver plated
  • Bottom cap with ring made of 304 stainless
  • Adjustable Magnetic Switch
  • 4mm Shorter with new switch and top cap design
  • Hybrid Adaptor
  • Drip Tip
  • Carry Bag


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I still have my Stingray copper/black to this day and the Stingray X will be staying with it
both very much keepers!

i didn’t mention the quality of the finish as that is a taken!!